Built-In Frame


Built in Frames are when you use some sort of object that goes around the main subject, focusing on the main subject and draws your eyes to it. In my first picture, the metal stage things are framing the park and the Freshman Building. In my second, the egde of the window is framing the outside city. And in my last one, the metal rails are framing the doors.


Leading Lines

Leading Lines are diaganal or curved lines that lead the eyes into the rest of the picture. These pictures are examples of leading lines, because the bushes, fence and traintracks all lead your eyes into the rest of the picture.

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is when you divide the picture into thirds (vertictly and horizontly) so it looks like this “#” Then you put the most important and the focas of the picture into one third the way in from any angle. We use it so the main object isn’t in the middle of the picture and so that we can see the background of the picture too.  My picture is using the rule of thirds by having the main subject (Me sitting on the stone clock) one third the way in. This picture is a third the way in the left.